Sigerson Morrison – Die Cut Skimmer

Few things are sadder than when a good pair calls it quits. I personally haven’t been myself since Barbie and Ken split. And don’t even get me started on Rachel and Finn (though something tells me within the next 2 episodes of Glee, that power-couple will probably get back together). So you probably can guess that I was saddened by the recent news that Sigerson Morrison co-founders, Kari Sigerson and Miranda Morrison have left their namesake brand.

In an attempt to lessen my depression, let’s get to talking about this Die Cut Skimmer! What’s a skimmer? Wikipedia via Google tells us that a skimmer is “a small family of tern-like birds in the order Charadriiformes, which also includes the waders, gulls and auks.” There are way too many words in that quotation that I have never heard before. After refining my search and stumbling on to, this is what I have learned:

Think of skimmers as Chuck Taylors with the tops cut off. They’re perfect for summer–easy to slip on and off and they go with everything from a cute summer dress, your hottest pair of short-shorts, or your favorite worn-in jeans. As if they couldn’t get any better, skimmers also come in a variety of colors, designs, and styles!

Muuuuch better. This Die Cut Skimmer is cah-ute. Yes, I just said cah-ute. Please don’t navigate away from this post in shame. Please.  I’m salavating over the intricate triangular-shaped cut-out details on this shoe! And the color! Ah! It’s such a pretty golden yellow (not mustard yellow, don’t say mustard yellow. I HATE mustard).  Someone buy me a pair, please? I’m sad that Sigerson Morrison are no longer a pair! Make me happy!

Fun fact: May 11th is very soon. Anyone know why I care?

Vena Cava – Ankle-Tie Platform Sandals

Whenever I go shoe shopping with my dad, he always chuckles when we walk past the Vena Cava section. My parents are dermatologists as I’ve likely mentioned before, and my dad can’t help but make some lame/unfunny joke about the brand, how it’s “heartless” or “really gets your blood pumping” or even how they should make a spin-off brand called “Vas Deferens.”

After the jokes finish, though, he’s always in accordance with me when I say that I find Vena Cava shoes for the most part to be quite attractive. Exhibit A (above): the Ankle-Tie Platform Sandal. As someone who has had lots of trouble with one of her toes over the years, I can say I love sandals that are closed-toe. The colors are also quite enjoyable: springy but not garish; this could be a statement shoe but it doesn’t have to be.

I also want to take this post to toast the two ladies who started VC in 2003. Though I’m not a Parsons student, I have many friends who are who aspire to your success, as students, designers, and entrepreneurs. Cheers to you!

Fun fact: I have been a bad blogger. Oops.

Prada – Pointed Toe Slingback Pump

If you know me, you know I have an admittedly unhealthy obsession with Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the fashion and couture associated with the Audrey Hepburn classic. If you knew that about me, then you probably also know that I spend an obscene percentage of my day looking at shoes in some form or another, whether online, in a store, or on people’s feet. So when I saw this Prada looker online, I was drooling (it was actually gross, ask my sister).

No such thing as the perfect shoe, of this I am aware (sadly), cause there’s no such thing as perfect. But shit, Prada! This is pretty close. And just pretty. So so pretty.  The color of peaches and creme, patent-leather, a delicate bow, my fingers are getting tingly with excitement as I type! The low heel gives them an antique feel, but they’re no so antique that one might assume you stole them from your grandmother’s closet (though that does depend on what your grandmother usually keeps in her closet, I suspect).  And to top it off, pointed toes, which make everyone feel feminine and girly!

Thank you thank you thank you Prada! A job well done as always, and I cannot wait to sink my feet into a pair, bank balance providing, that is.

Fun fact: Tonight J and I return to our regular stomping ground and I could not be more excited to see her and the sushi (but mostly her).