Acne – Wrapped Wedge Bootie

Whether it’s a newfound sense of nationalism, the aftermath of the war we’re in, or some other reason that’s escaping me, there’s no denying that fashion has taken a recent turn towards the military. I’m all for this. I love green, I love the buttons and frills, I love the pockets and folds. What I don’t love is that military is manly (there’s really no two ways about it) and I can’t remember the last time I woke up in the morning and said to myself, A fuck it, I’m wanna dress like a dude today!

I think Acne did an excellent job, however, dealing with my number one problem with military wear. These wedged booties are leather and army green, but they are also girly. They’ll be sure to give any girl a sexy feeling while she’s prancing around [fill in name of city here] with a pep in her step and a few added inches to her height.

So I’ve gotta say, kudos to Acne (and they need kudos, given that god-awful name (I’m the daughter of two dermatologists)) for bringing it all back home. I salute you!

fun fact: my grandfather was in the Air Force for 23 years.


Lanvin – Satin Bow Pump

One of the things I love most about Lanvin is that it was started by a woman, Jeanne Lanvin, who started her career by making clothing for her daughter, clothing that was so stylish and beautiful that it ended up attracting the attention of wealthy patrons requesting similar clothing for their own children. While I wish I could follow that statement by saying that as a child my mother used to make stylish and beautiful clothing for me, that would be a lie and I’m against lying. I can say, however, that I hope one day to make beautiful clothing for my daughter.

Okay sappy stuff aside, this Lanvin pump is just what every girl needs (especially this time of year when we’re all bundling up and feeling comfy and chunky and missing our feminine flair). There’s also nothing more important when it comes to shoes than having a pair of nude pumps. And ten points for Lanvin for pumping out these beauts.  They’re so delicately hand-sewn and so daintily designed.  The curves and stitches are so elegant that it’s almost impossible to imagine a more feminine shoe (and when all I’ve worn these past few days has been sweaters and socks and scarves, I could seriously use a pair of these to remind me of my beauty).

Before I go, though, I can’t neglect to bring up a piece of exciting news! (Shnews, actually). On September 2, 2010, it was announced by H&M that Lanvin would be their guest designer collaboration for the Winter 2010 collection. The collection will be available to view beginning November 4, 2010 at The collection will then be available to buy in 200 stores worldwide, on November 20.

So thanks, Jeanne, for another homerun.

Mulberry Maryjane

So yes, I’ve been absent for a while. But I’ve been busy! I’ve been working on this and that and a few other things! I have a life, I apologize. But I’m back! And with a fabulous pair of a shoes.

I hadn’t ever seen this website or heard of this shoe designer before my dear friend Angela sent it my way (thanks for that). What I’ve found is that Marais USA is a badass brand started by two Parsons gals. Check out what they say about their company:

Taking inspiration from a summer spent in “Le Marais,” cofounders Catherine Chen and Haley Boyd named their company after Paris’ most eclectic district. From flamboyant transvestites to traditional rabbis, there is just about something for everyone. And that is precisely the philosophy at Marais USA. As the brainchild of two young women determined to fill a gap in the modern market, Marais USA boasts a bevy of covetable basics that won’t leave your wallet empty.

Needless to say, this particular shoe, the Mulberry Maryjane, is adorable. Featured here in two of the five colors in which it is made, these two photos show how Catherine and Haley put a modern spin on a classic shoe: an elastic strap with a patent-leather base, a rounded toe and a low heel. And for only $58 I honestly cannot wait to get my feet in a pair.