Dorothy’s Miu Mius

Oxfords are in. And what’s better than a pair of glittery oxfords? I mean really, you can wear them with anything, they’re dressy and casual, I love them. Dorothy Gail from Kansas definitely would be wearing these right now if she lived in our times, or lived at all… I’ve definitely cracked that joke before. It’s not funny the second time either.

I often think of shoes as my children, and I know we’re not supposed to pick favorites, but I have to say, if I could pick, Miu Miu would my favorite designer. Yeah, yeah, Miu MIu is really Miuccia Prada, who, together with her husband, runs Prada. Yes, the Prada that you’ve been having wet dreams about since you’ve been having wet dreams. Bet you didn’t know this Miuccia, the granddaughter of Mario Prada, the company’s founder, has a PhD in Political Science. Yeah, it comes in handy when she’s dealing with conflicts between right-winged shoes and left-winged dresses.

So while these shoes are all glitz and glam, they’re also Miu Miu, meaning they’re no shits, no sham.

Fact: My older sister graduates from college in less than a week. Welcome to the real world, SGN.


Madden Girl – Keltic Stretch Platform Sandal

The reason I started this blog in the first place was three-fold (Friends Reference Alert!): One, to express to the blogging world my undying obsession with shoes. Two, to give this whole blogging game a turn. And three, to recommend shoes to friends and have them recommend shoes to me. Don’t get me wrong – this isn’t the first shoe that a friend has recommended to me that I’ve gone on to write about, there certainly have been others. I just thought it was about time I explained what was going on here.

A friend of mine felt she HAD to recommend this shoe to me and boy am I glad she did (thanks friend – you know who you are). Reasons for this suggestion: 1. These shoes are great for going out – apparently (and you can trust my friend on this for she does not lie) they’re insanely comfortable considering how slinky and saucy they are). 2. This shoe is from DSW. Meaning, it’s on the cheap. I don’t usually like mentioning prices on my blog because I think the price of a shoe is not at all important and does not always correlate to its value as an article of fashion – but putting that aside, it’s nice to know when shoes are definitely within your budget! And hey – since these are going-out shoes, it’s even nicer to know that if some hunky klutz of a guy spills beer on them, you can always get a new pair!

Fun fact: Tomorrow I start my new job!

Melissa – Gold

Zaha Hadid, in 2007, began contributing to the brand Melissa and the duo has been spitting out plastic shoe after plastic shoe ever since then. I recently saw a pair of these when I was shopping with my parents (yes my parents – my shopoholism is genetic) on the Lower East Side, an evolving neighborhood, and I immediately fell in love with them. Sadly, I could not purchase them for myself because the sizes weren’t ideal for my overly large foot, but I will continue to look for a pair that is suited for me.

Zaha Hadid herself though is not like your typical designer. She’s actually an architect. Funny how those two professions seem to have a lot of crossover – I guess shoes are important buildings themselves, so if you think about it, it makes some sense. It’s just not the first thing I’d think of. But whatever works, right?

The idea of an all-plastic sandal isn’t exactly novel, however, and Melissa has been doing it as a brand since 1979. We all remember those snazzy buckle sandals that we all had that were completely made of plastic, don’t we? Yeah they were awful – and likely knock-offs of the original Melissas. They stuck to your feet like rubber to glue? Is that what they say? That has no real-life application for me. They stuck to your feet like a magnet to the fridge. There, that’s better. Well, lookie here. These Melissa shoes have solved the problem (you can’t tell from the photo so you’re gonna have to trust me). They’re lined. Lined! Ah the revelation! Another day of fighting fashion crime!

Fact: I gave away half of my pairs of jeans today. Leaving me with 28 pairs. That I likely will never wear.

J. Crew – Natalia dip-dyed leather ballet flats

When I think of J. Crew, I think of New Hampshire. I think of boarding school. I think of oxford shirts, cable-knit sweaters, khakis, and J. Crew. See that circle I just went around in? But why do I think all of these things? One of my closest friends is a walking J. Crew catalogue. She’s from New Hampshire. She went to boarding school. She wears oxfords and cable-knit sweaters (not khakis – I don’t befriend anyone who wears khakis). She’s been offered jobs at two different J. Crew locations just as she was shopping at them.

These J. Crew ballet flats are cute. They’re very J. Crew. What a cop-out of a comment. They’re also a complete knock-off of Chanel flats. Come on, J. Crew! I know my friend reads your catalogues from cover to cover as if they were the Bible or, if you’re my mother, the Wall Street Journal, but really? dip-dyed toes? You aren’t fooling anyone. Coco Chanel has a monopoly on the two-toned shoe with a leather cap. She’s held that monopoly for years and no matter how many times you pass go and collect $200, she will still have a monopoly on that look.

Also, J. Crew, these shoes commit one of the major crimes of fashion (a crime I myself commit sometimes and don’t really think is that big of a deal but I’ll mention it anyway): Black and Navy! Together! On the same shoe! AHH!

Sorry, dear friend of mine and avid J. Crew lover, for dragging your beloved brand through the mud.

Fact: I move into my new apartment tomorrow! Eeek! Anyone know any places I have to check out on the Upper West Side?

Sigerson Morrison – Buckle Sandal

The word on the street is that yellow is the hot color for the summer. Ah ha! Someone else thinks that’s as predictable as I think it is? I like yellow. My parents’ house is yellow, the house in which my sister and I grew up, so the color yellow is associated with happiness and good memories in my mind.

I can’t decide if I like this shoe or not. I know that’s been the name of the game these past few posts – and I’m just WAITING for one of you to call me out on my constant indecision. But alright we’re gonna do a pros and cons. You ready for this? Get ready:

1. Beautiful color. Glistens, glows, not too green but not too orange either. Just right, Goldylocks, it’s just. right.
2. Open-toed. A bit of a wide open-toe but it’s still nice to be able to show off a toe-nail now and then (that sounds kind of gross but you know what I mean).
3. High ankle strap. I’ve always found these to be 1. surprisingly comfortable and 2. surprisingly flattering – they accentuate the skinniness of ankles (or kankles, depending on what you have going on down there).

1. There’s really only the one but it’s semi-important. I am not a fan of the hardware on the buckle. It’s extremely cowboy-like and while I haven’t really met many cowboys, I have a sneaking suspicion that they would not be caught dead or alive in a pair of these sandals, despite how adorable they are.

So think what you want, wear what you want, that’s somewhat the name of the game in this be who you want to be world in which we live. I’m off to go running now.

Fun fact: while preparing this post I was also watching Julie and Julia. And I love it.

Sartore – Distressed Ankle Boot

I’ve always wanted a pair of leather ankle boots. I think they’re the perfect outfit-completer. My personal style is a bit of vintage and a bit of hipster. So these boots would be perfect. And considering it was my birthday on May 11th, if you wanted to send me a pair of these, I’d love you forever!

But really, these Sartore boots are nicer than most I’ve seen. They’re a color that should match most things. They are the perfect height (meaning I love how high up the leg they go). I just hope I can pull them off. I mean, I know they’ll match my super hipster/gangster eye glasses (some of you know what I’m talking about). I actually saw several people wearing boots like these in SoHo today – uber chic part of town if you’re uninformed.

So as I lie in bed typing away, watching Friends in the background, I can’t help but picture how snazzy my feet would look with a pair of these bad boys on them.

Fun fact: I’m typing this on my new mac.

Toms – Bennet Metallic Slip-On

I hate laces. I’m pretty much as anti-laces as one can possibly be. And I really like shiny things. Seriously, for those of you who know me personally, you can attest to that statement (my gold skirt, silver hot pants, and silver bra should be enough evidence). But putting my clear physical attraction to this shoe aside, I have to say I think it’s a great, practical, summer purchase.

I hate having to buckle gladiators 14 times, I hate the flip and flop noise that flip flops make (plus a certain woman named Beth used to warn me against wearing those for 8 straight summers). So what could be more perfect for the summer than a light, comfortable, slip on pair of shoes. Not to mention these are just hipster enough to fulfill my hipster needs.

So yeah, it’s a litttttle annoying that you HAVE to buy these shoes from Neiman Marcus and Neiman Marcus only (since it’s one of those hoity toity exclusively-ours (!) things. But I think I’ll get over it. Somehow.

Fact: I have an extensive greeting-card collection and am constantly looking for new sources of cards.