Animal Collective Make Shoes (and music)

You know when your college friends meet your high school friends and you feel as though your worlds are colliding and nothing makes sense anymore because high school-you and college-you become one in the same? I feel like that right now. Not a super fair analogy for me since my platonic-life-partner and I have been in the same city, state, and country since the fifth grade, but hopefully you catch my drift. Outside of being a shoe-fanatic to the max, I am also a fan of alt-pop-indie-rock music (mainly The Magnetic Fields, Lisa Loeb, and, of course, Ben Folds (and Ben Folds Five)), a fact about me which I have artfully failed to mention thus far.

Who knows who Animal Collective are? (See what I did there? I learned from working (and by working I mean interning) at an indie-rock mag a few years ago (and by a few years ago I mean summer of 09) that when a band is comprised of more than one member, it takes the plural form of the verb. Nerd.) Ok here’s the blurb I got for ya: Animal Collective are an experimental pop band (you can call them a lot of things, but I’ve settled on that for now, may change my mind later) that have journeyed from Baltimore, Maryland, to NYC and have been rocking out h-core for the past decade. I’m a fan of Animal Collective. Obviously, AC didn’t make it to my top three fav bands of all time list, but try not to hold that against them. And now, I’m even more of a fan since they’ve started cranking out sneakers. As Pitchfork said, “Animal Collective have teamed up with the clothing company Keep to create their own line of shoes.” I approve and so do, I suspect, the hipsters of the world.  The sneaker is actually pretty snazzy. I am a fan of the it-looks-like-I-doodled-on-these-sneakers-but-actually-I-didn’t (although, to be fair, I’m an even bigger fan of sneakers that you actually do draw on yourself, but I’ll keep quiet about that for now). Hipsterrunoff approves (as much as Hipsterrunoff can approve of anything other than being an AltJew).

Go out and get a pair!

Fun fact: I wish I were a Hipster (with a capital H).


Puma – Suede Wedge Sneaker

I’m going to start off this post with a big slice of TMI, so either enjoy it (cause you all secretly stalk me anyway, so this is just free info for you to add to your creeper notebook) or bare with me/skip to the next paragraph. I live with three other girls and I am definitely the odd man out. I’m the only one not interested in being a doctor, the only one not currently enrolled in Organic Chemistry, the only one who doesn’t have black hair, and the only one who is above the height of 5′-3″. (I’m 5′-5″ if you were dying to know). That being said, I am very proud of the three rather vertically-challenged individuals with whom I reside because they never commit the fashion faux-pas that I am choosing to vent about on this fine occasion.

I can count on the fingers of my left (or right) hand the number of things in this world that truly drive me insane (in the order in which I can conjure them up, and not in order in which they irritate me): 1. When people blow their nose/sneeze around me, on me, or in my general vicinity. 2. Mustard. 3. People who sing out of tune 4. Competition and 5. When really short people wear crazy-tall shoes to make them seem “casually taller.” Let’s pause and reflect on that last one, shall we? These Puma sneakers are of the fifth category. They’re sneakers. They’re wedges. They’re the least practical shoe I can think of (except, maybe, no shoes at all, which actually sounds more appealing). I can’t imagine why anyone would want to buy them, except, I guess, if you are, like 4 feet tall and wish you were 4′-5″. Seriously though, there are prettier ways of doing that.

PS – Suede sneakers? Why?

Fun fact: I just ate a mini red velvet cupcake and it was delicious!

Elizabeth and James – Milo Heel

I know there’s a rule somewhere in the fashion world that says you can’t wear white after labor day. Annnnd Wikipedia FTW with the reason why: “The United States also adopted the tradition of not wearing white after Labor Day. This is the time when the Navy switches from their white uniforms to their Navy blue uniforms.” But screw rules. Rules were made to be broken. [Insert Another Cliché Here].

Mary Kate (and Ashley, but really, we all know the brains (and drug-addiction) behind the operation are all MK) Olsen has done it again. Ankle strap ankle strap ankle strap! I actually overheard a saleswoman telling a potential client that she doesn’t like the ankle strap cause she thinks it makes your ankles look kankley but I THINK SHE’S WRONG. I think the ankle strap is one of the most flattering looks on a shoe, especially a heel. Another thing I love about this shoe? I simply can’t get enough of it’s almost-pointed toe. It’s as though Mary Kate was sitting there designing the shoe and said “I’m gonna make a pointed-toe… no wait… hold up… not so fast… make it rounded make it rounded!” and what she was left with was a pointed-toe with a slight round to it. Probs also super duper comfy to walk in.

Keep it up, Michelle Tanner/2 – I love all that you give us!

PS – I hope those of you that are unfamiliar with this blog understand the distinction between my love for shoes, and Sea of Shoes. I also hope that one day, someone will show Jane Aldridge (of said blog) how to flip photos so they’re not 90 degrees in the wrong direction.

Fun fact: I now have a zebra hanging above my fireplace! Check it outtttt:

Vans – Vault High-tops

As you have probably already gathered, I really am not a sneaker-person. The ironic part of that statement is that as I am sitting at my desk writing this, I am wearing sneakers, but it is a rare occurrence, I swear (and you know I would never lie to you)! That being said, just cause I don’t wear ’em doesn’t mean I can appreciate ’em or hate on ’em cause at this point in the post, who knows what I’ll do! (Side note: it is way harder to type in a casual way using words like ’em than it is to speak in a casual way. I know you were on the edges of your swivel desk-chairs wondering).

Ok so these are pretty friggin sweet. Yes, I said it: friggin sweet.  Don’t quote me on this, but I think they’re suede, which is a pretty big material this season and in life in general, so that’s cool.  Laces: check. I personally can’t keep my eyes off those eye-popin colors! I also, apparently, am having a hard time typing the letter “g” in this post (especially when it should follow the letters i and n). My one problem with these shoes is that they’re high-tops. I know I know that makes them more legit and rad and totally awesome dude(!) but you have to have toothpicks for legs for them to look flattering (and when you have toothpicks for legs, it’s pretty hard to walk, I hear). They’re still easily on my list of my top-5 fav sneaks of all time (numero uno being classic white keds, OBVIDUH). For other ghetto (and other communities) fabulous sneakers, look here.

Okeee ladies and gentzzz that’s all for today.

Ha didn’t think I’d forget the fun fact, didja? FUNFACTOFTODAY: I drank my weight in coffee this morning.

disclaimer: reflection in black background not included with sneaker.

Yves Saint Laurent – Suede Mary Jane

I once had a counselor at sleep-away camp named Mary Jane. And while I am a big believer in the idea that we grow to fit our names, she is definitely not the type of girl to ever wear Mary Janes (especially not these). BUT, YSL didn’t make these for the MJ that I know, so it’s all goooood.

Suede is tricky. I have a few pairs of suede shoes and I am always afraid they’ll get ruined if I wear them. Don’t worry, I wear them, cause I can’t imagine having a pair of shoes that never gets worn – too sad. Putting that aside, these 5-inchers are stunning. The color, which YSL calls “cognac” is so rich and soothing. The leather weaving over the toes is dainty and yet functional, girly and yet not overkill, aka pretty damn close to the perfect shoe.

But what do you wear these with? They’re not really fancy-pants enough for an evening gown (and let’s be real, I’m not sure when the next time is that I’ll need to sport an evening gown anyway). Can you wear them with jeans? Shorts and a chunky sweater? People out there reading this, what do you think!? (Comment. I love love love when you guys comment.)

Fun fact: I’m currently enrolled in a class that scares my mother.