Comme des Garcons – Clog Pumps

I’ve only ever set foot in one Commes des Garcons store in my life, but if they’re all like the one in Chelsea in New York City, I implore those of you reading this right now to hunt down your nearest one and visit it. Even if you have no intention of purchasing anything (it takes a very specific type of person to pull off something by this Japan-based style house), it is worth it for the experience and the exposure alone.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I picked this particular shoe for today because of its details. So I haven’t ever actually made a pair of shoes, but I’m gonna venture a guess and say it isn’t easy. But putting that aside, this clog was made so well it looks like it was made poorly. And that’s what makes it so charming! The unevenness of the light-brown trim along the bottom of the shoe makes this almost-costume-like heel go from drab to fab (yeah, I definitely stole that line from a shampoo commercial but I think it works). I mean, let’s be honest, the clog itself is not the most attractive shoe. But these for some reason are attractive. I actually really wanted to tell all of you a bit more about the clog, but upon googling the word, this is what I got. Super helpful. I’ll have to do some deeper digging at another time and I’ll get back to ya.

Fun fact: The New Yorker publishes the best cartoons. This is my favorite.


Melissa – DIY Booties

It’s kinda sad to think that someone once invented the idea of people making stuff on their own. But, apparently, Gaetano Pesce (Italian architect-turned-columnist for French Elle) is credited with the having been the first person to DIY (DIH?) – with a chair, back in 1972.

So Pesce has joined forces now with the maven of jelly-shoes, Melissa, and created an ankle bootie composed of interconnected PVC circles. That you can cut to create the shoe of your choosing. I am baffled. ‘‘This is the future of mass production,’’ Pesce said to T-Magazine. ‘‘With the technology we have today, we can give people something that is half done and ask them to finish it.’’

I think I’d be nervous with these though. How do you decide what kind of shoes to make? When are you finished with said shoe? I guess that just means one would have to buy more than one pair, right?

Fact: I have the heebie-jeebies.

Derek Lam – Tasi

I realize it’s been some time since I wrote about a shoe that I hated. Ha what a bizarre way to start this off. Now I am trying very hard to draw a line between shoes that I think are bad shoes and shoes that I just personally would not wear. It isn’t fair for me to spew thoughts on a shoe that I don’t like just because I don’t think I’d ever wear it – some of those shoes are beautiful, just for someone else’s feet.

That is not the case with this pair of Derek Lams.  Alright, so Derek went to Parsons and he worked for Michael Kors for several years before starting out on his own, so what? Lots of people have snazzy resumes! Ok, so maybe lots of people don’t win the CFDA Perry Ellis Swarovski Award for new designers, but still, lots of people wouldn’t have made the mistake Derek Lam made in creating this shoe.  There is too much going on here.  We have a sandal with a chunky heel, studs, wooden detailing, rope, slits, open heel, great height; the list goes on and on and on.  On top of all of it, however, DL didn’t even go for the gold.  If you’re going to create as outlandish and obscure a shoe as this one (by which I mean as cluttered), why make it in such a drab color? It’s skin-tone; do you not want people to notice it? A little too late for that, don’t you think?

I believe it was Coco Chanel herself who hated the over-the-top, saying you should always remove one thing before you leave the house.  Remove these shoes.

Fun fact: I have the things-are-about-to-change jitters.  And I don’t like them at all.

Marni – Green Heels

I went shopping yesterday with my dad. If you know my dad, you know he’s perhaps more fashionable than I am and is at least as much of a shopaholic as I am. So when I say I went shopping yesterday with my dad, that naturally means that he did the bulk of the purchasing since he’s the one who controlled what stores we went to. Started at Issey Miyake, headed to Thom Browne, and topped things off with a trip to Marni. At the first two locales I didn’t find any shoes worth writing home (or here) about, but Marni never disappoints!

I actually wanted to buy these. I tried them on, pranced around the store in them, and the different salesmen and women (all of whom embarrassingly know my father on a first-name basis) were trying to get me to buy them, but I had to resist. Don’t get me wrong, I love this pair of heels. Some might be turned off by the color but that green is the stuff my dreams are made of, no joke. I also really enjoy the fact that they are suede even though that’s a tricky fabric (I guess if you wear these there’s little room for stomping in puddles – something I guessss I’ll have to forgo). I sadly didn’t end up buying them though (a combination of a high price and a high heel – caused a bit more discomfort than I was comfortable with (wordplay!)).

Still, Marni remains one of my favorite shoe designers – always edgy, always daring, always a little bit funkier than most people can handle.

Fun fact: I’m off to tend to my tomato plants!

Rhinestoned Asics

I think if you’re a guy, being a personal trainer is probably the best job in the world. Free and unlimited access to a gym, great hours, and you get to flirt. all. day. I’m not a guy, and I’m not a personal trainer, but I do go to a gym. And I can say that these silly sneakers seen above have attracted more personal trainers than any other item of clothing anyone at my gym has ever worn (and some of the women really need to be taught what is gym-appropriate and what isn’t).

The shoes pictured above are actually the shoes I wear to the gym. I was told by a trainer at my gym that my Nike Dunks weren’t doing the trick for me and that I ought to invest in actual running shoes. So he sent me to buy a pair of Asics and they were so drab that something HAD to be done. See above for the final result. Considering I go to the gym twice a day, seven days a week, these bad boys get worn a lot. And not to toot my own horn, but of the fourteen times a week I wear these shoes, at least ten of those times someone asks me about these shoes. I’ve gotten a few extra days at the gym for free because of them. I even got a free session with a super cute (and very flirty) personal trainer because he liked how nutso I was that I sat and hand glued each rhinestone onto my sneaks. So I guess I took a page from Cinderella’s book and learned that a pair of shoes sometimes does make all the difference.

Fun fact: 7 days, ladies and gents, and we’ll all be reunited again!

Matiko – Studded Leather Flat

Studs were really big a few years ago. I remember my mom bought me a DIY stud machine thing (technical terminology) and I applied studs to almost everything I owned. And then as quickly as they appeared they disappeared again (and I was left with a wardrobe of fashion-backward attire and a depressed disposition).

Well whattdaya know? THEY’RE BACK. Alexander Wang has lots of studs on a few of his handbags this season. New to the scene, Eddie Borgo has it going on also with lots of studs and spikes in his jewelry. So it shouldn’t surprise you that I’d hunt down an adorable pair of shoes with studs on them (although what I probably should have done is studded a pair myself). These Urban Outfitters flats are casual studded chic.  I usually don’t like shoes like these (the color, I mean) because they’re easy.  They match almost anything so they don’t make you work (and I think putting together an outfit should require some IQ points).  BUT I guess something’s gotta give, and the studs are totallllly worth it.

If only I still owned my wardrobe cira 2002.

Fun fact: tomorrow’s shoe is funny.

Chloé – Flat Wrapped-Strap Boot

I have previously stated that Miu Miu is my favorite shoe designer and that Rebecca Taylor is my favorite clothing designer and that life requires nothing else but those two brands and chicken caesar wraps and diet pepsi (seriously, if you know me, you know that’s all I eat/drink). WELL WELL my friends I stand (actually sit, in my living room, using my coffee table as a desk) corrected. Chloé designs are elegant, sophisticated, and comfortable.

I personally am a huge boot-wearer. I go to school in Boston and if that doesn’t really mean anything to you, we get a lot of snow. Boots are nice for when it snows because you can romp around and you don’t have to worry about the bottoms of your pants getting wet (which is probably my least favorite feeling, maybe second only to getting blood drawn, but that’s a road down which I do not wish to go on this blog). ANYWAY, I find myself drawn to this boot because it isn’t boring.  Boots too often are boring and I hate boring of any sort, and so you can assume rightly that I hate boring boots.  So hats off to you, Hannah MacGibbon, Creative Director of Chloé, for hitting another ball outta the park! Can’t believe I just typed that.  I didn’t know my hands knew how to form the letters needed for a baseball reference.

Fun fact of the day: I bought the most hysterical birthday card today for a friend. But you can’t sign it. It’s quite a tricky card.