Sigerson Morrison – Die Cut Skimmer

Few things are sadder than when a good pair calls it quits. I personally haven’t been myself since Barbie and Ken split. And don’t even get me started on Rachel and Finn (though something tells me within the next 2 episodes of Glee, that power-couple will probably get back together). So you probably can guess that I was saddened by the recent news that Sigerson Morrison co-founders, Kari Sigerson and Miranda Morrison have left their namesake brand.

In an attempt to lessen my depression, let’s get to talking about this Die Cut Skimmer! What’s a skimmer? Wikipedia via Google tells us that a skimmer is “a small family of tern-like birds in the order Charadriiformes, which also includes the waders, gulls and auks.” There are way too many words in that quotation that I have never heard before. After refining my search and stumbling on to, this is what I have learned:

Think of skimmers as Chuck Taylors with the tops cut off. They’re perfect for summer–easy to slip on and off and they go with everything from a cute summer dress, your hottest pair of short-shorts, or your favorite worn-in jeans. As if they couldn’t get any better, skimmers also come in a variety of colors, designs, and styles!

Muuuuch better. This Die Cut Skimmer is cah-ute. Yes, I just said cah-ute. Please don’t navigate away from this post in shame. Please.  I’m salavating over the intricate triangular-shaped cut-out details on this shoe! And the color! Ah! It’s such a pretty golden yellow (not mustard yellow, don’t say mustard yellow. I HATE mustard).  Someone buy me a pair, please? I’m sad that Sigerson Morrison are no longer a pair! Make me happy!

Fun fact: May 11th is very soon. Anyone know why I care?


Shaun White – Skater Sneakers

I have fallen off the grid, down the rabbit hole, and entered a new world. I have to admit, I don’t think I knew who Shaun White was before seeing this shoe. So thank you, wikipedia, for all that you provide. And sorry, Shaun, if your wikipedia page isn’t accurate. Here are the highlights for those of you who are as blissfully ignorant of the world of Shaun White as I was not too long ago:

Name: Shaun White (not Sean White, I made that mistake and Google kindly corrected me)
Age: 23
Achievements: “An American professional snowboarder and skateboarder. He is a two-time Olympic gold medalist. He rides regular stance, twelve and negative three degrees on his board.” Translation: he’s an athlete.
Significance to shoes: recently (as of july 11th of this year) came out with a line of skate sneakers for Target.

I’m definitely not a skater (I know I had some of you fooled), but I think I’d probably wear these shoes anyway. They’re perfect for the faux-skater to complete the look you’ve always wanted to rock. The electric blue makes them a fun addition to a probably already extensive shoe collection.

Fun fact: huge family dinner tonight!

Pedro Garcia – Albany Ballet Flat

Last time I checked, which was a minute ago, just so I could say that, Albany was the capital of New York. It’s not a particularly pleasant place to be, I mean, even NY’s Attorney General keeps a second office in Manhattan where he spends most of his time. So why did Pedro Garcia name this beautiful, dainty ballet flat after such a dismal place?

But wait, who’s Pedro Garcia? Why haven’t I heard of him before? According to Google, he’s either a famous Pastor, a football player, or a mysterious fashion designer. I’m gonna go with the third door. I do like this shoe though, even if I know nothing about the designer other than his first and last names.

Nice, pale pink, ruffle on the toe, pointed.  I’m in heaven.  I still don’t get why it’s called the Albany, though.