Vena Cava – Ankle-Tie Platform Sandals

Whenever I go shoe shopping with my dad, he always chuckles when we walk past the Vena Cava section. My parents are dermatologists as I’ve likely mentioned before, and my dad can’t help but make some lame/unfunny joke about the brand, how it’s “heartless” or “really gets your blood pumping” or even how they should make a spin-off brand called “Vas Deferens.”

After the jokes finish, though, he’s always in accordance with me when I say that I find Vena Cava shoes for the most part to be quite attractive. Exhibit A (above): the Ankle-Tie Platform Sandal. As someone who has had lots of trouble with one of her toes over the years, I can say I love sandals that are closed-toe. The colors are also quite enjoyable: springy but not garish; this could be a statement shoe but it doesn’t have to be.

I also want to take this post to toast the two ladies who started VC in 2003. Though I’m not a Parsons student, I have many friends who are who aspire to your success, as students, designers, and entrepreneurs. Cheers to you!

Fun fact: I have been a bad blogger. Oops.


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