Miu Miu – Mary Jane Ballet Flat

My parents recently spent two weeks soaking up the sights of Cuba. While they were there, my sister and I could not speak to them via email, phone, or any other form of communication. PARTY TIME. But actually. My sister and I decided it was time to do something really outlandish, really rebellious. We were going to each buy a pair of these Miu Miu Mary Jane Ballet Flats.

There’s no such thing as the perfect shoe.  Sad but factual.  However, (and you’ve all realized by now that I have a deep and undying love for Miu Miu anythings (be it shoes, handbags, coats, skirts, keychains)) this ballet flat gets just as close, I think, as a shoe can get to perfection.  Patent leather, creme and black, a giant bow to top it off.  A beautiful delicate ankle strap (cause God knows the shoe would fall off my feet as I prance around from place to place).  I cannot wait to get my feet in a pair (ha, not my hands on a pair, that’d be a waste of time).


Sadly, my parents have returned from Havana and my sister and I were less-than rebellious (I think my major move was getting myself a subscription to Netflix).  Alas, purchasing these shoes will have to wait…


Fun fact: I haven’t left my house since yesterday.  Something about the 16 inches of white dust that powders my surroundings that’s convincing me to stay indoors.


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