Nina Ricci – Ribbon Leather Grosgrain Sandals

I find myself back in New York just in time for snow. It wasn’t a white Christmas, cause the weather Gods got the dates wrong or something, but snow a day late is just fine for me, seeing as I’m Jewish and all, and Santa only visited me before sundown on Friday (Christmas Eve being Shabbat and all). Jokes aside, I find myself dreaming of summer and heat and warmth and sandals. Yeah obviously I dream in shoes.

Nina Ricci, kudos (or as my mom would say “kudo bars”) to you for these stunners. Yeah, Nina sadly isn’t with us anymore, but the brand which bears her name and sustains her memory manages to impress me time and time again.

Yeah I just had a two-sentence paragraph. Bite me.  When looking at the shoe itself, does anyone else find themselves shocked by the utter detail displayed?  Look at the stitching, the delicately-tied bows, the seems and nails and other hardware.  I’m actually most impressed by the woodwork.  This shoe is like a beautiful piece of furniture.  It’s like a great coffee table: usable and functionable and a great reason to have a party.  Functionable isn’t a real word, but if Sarah Pailin can invent words, what’s stopping the rest of us?

Seriously, if the Hannukah Armidillo is actually out there, I know the holiday has come and gone but I’d love a pair of these. I’ll even wear them in the snow.


Fun fact: my mom can’t stop quoting the movie “Up” – it’s getting a bit out of control.

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