Acne – Wrapped Wedge Bootie

Whether it’s a newfound sense of nationalism, the aftermath of the war we’re in, or some other reason that’s escaping me, there’s no denying that fashion has taken a recent turn towards the military. I’m all for this. I love green, I love the buttons and frills, I love the pockets and folds. What I don’t love is that military is manly (there’s really no two ways about it) and I can’t remember the last time I woke up in the morning and said to myself, A fuck it, I’m wanna dress like a dude today!

I think Acne did an excellent job, however, dealing with my number one problem with military wear. These wedged booties are leather and army green, but they are also girly. They’ll be sure to give any girl a sexy feeling while she’s prancing around [fill in name of city here] with a pep in her step and a few added inches to her height.

So I’ve gotta say, kudos to Acne (and they need kudos, given that god-awful name (I’m the daughter of two dermatologists)) for bringing it all back home. I salute you!

fun fact: my grandfather was in the Air Force for 23 years.


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