Mulberry Maryjane

So yes, I’ve been absent for a while. But I’ve been busy! I’ve been working on this and that and a few other things! I have a life, I apologize. But I’m back! And with a fabulous pair of a shoes.

I hadn’t ever seen this website or heard of this shoe designer before my dear friend Angela sent it my way (thanks for that). What I’ve found is that Marais USA is a badass brand started by two Parsons gals. Check out what they say about their company:

Taking inspiration from a summer spent in “Le Marais,” cofounders Catherine Chen and Haley Boyd named their company after Paris’ most eclectic district. From flamboyant transvestites to traditional rabbis, there is just about something for everyone. And that is precisely the philosophy at Marais USA. As the brainchild of two young women determined to fill a gap in the modern market, Marais USA boasts a bevy of covetable basics that won’t leave your wallet empty.

Needless to say, this particular shoe, the Mulberry Maryjane, is adorable. Featured here in two of the five colors in which it is made, these two photos show how Catherine and Haley put a modern spin on a classic shoe: an elastic strap with a patent-leather base, a rounded toe and a low heel. And for only $58 I honestly cannot wait to get my feet in a pair.

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