Animal Collective Make Shoes (and music)

You know when your college friends meet your high school friends and you feel as though your worlds are colliding and nothing makes sense anymore because high school-you and college-you become one in the same? I feel like that right now. Not a super fair analogy for me since my platonic-life-partner and I have been in the same city, state, and country since the fifth grade, but hopefully you catch my drift. Outside of being a shoe-fanatic to the max, I am also a fan of alt-pop-indie-rock music (mainly The Magnetic Fields, Lisa Loeb, and, of course, Ben Folds (and Ben Folds Five)), a fact about me which I have artfully failed to mention thus far.

Who knows who Animal Collective are? (See what I did there? I learned from working (and by working I mean interning) at an indie-rock mag a few years ago (and by a few years ago I mean summer of 09) that when a band is comprised of more than one member, it takes the plural form of the verb. Nerd.) Ok here’s the blurb I got for ya: Animal Collective are an experimental pop band (you can call them a lot of things, but I’ve settled on that for now, may change my mind later) that have journeyed from Baltimore, Maryland, to NYC and have been rocking out h-core for the past decade. I’m a fan of Animal Collective. Obviously, AC didn’t make it to my top three fav bands of all time list, but try not to hold that against them. And now, I’m even more of a fan since they’ve started cranking out sneakers. As Pitchfork said, “Animal Collective have teamed up with the clothing company Keep to create their own line of shoes.” I approve and so do, I suspect, the hipsters of the world.  The sneaker is actually pretty snazzy. I am a fan of the it-looks-like-I-doodled-on-these-sneakers-but-actually-I-didn’t (although, to be fair, I’m an even bigger fan of sneakers that you actually do draw on yourself, but I’ll keep quiet about that for now). Hipsterrunoff approves (as much as Hipsterrunoff can approve of anything other than being an AltJew).

Go out and get a pair!

Fun fact: I wish I were a Hipster (with a capital H).


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