Puma – Suede Wedge Sneaker

I’m going to start off this post with a big slice of TMI, so either enjoy it (cause you all secretly stalk me anyway, so this is just free info for you to add to your creeper notebook) or bare with me/skip to the next paragraph. I live with three other girls and I am definitely the odd man out. I’m the only one not interested in being a doctor, the only one not currently enrolled in Organic Chemistry, the only one who doesn’t have black hair, and the only one who is above the height of 5′-3″. (I’m 5′-5″ if you were dying to know). That being said, I am very proud of the three rather vertically-challenged individuals with whom I reside because they never commit the fashion faux-pas that I am choosing to vent about on this fine occasion.

I can count on the fingers of my left (or right) hand the number of things in this world that truly drive me insane (in the order in which I can conjure them up, and not in order in which they irritate me): 1. When people blow their nose/sneeze around me, on me, or in my general vicinity. 2. Mustard. 3. People who sing out of tune 4. Competition and 5. When really short people wear crazy-tall shoes to make them seem “casually taller.” Let’s pause and reflect on that last one, shall we? These Puma sneakers are of the fifth category. They’re sneakers. They’re wedges. They’re the least practical shoe I can think of (except, maybe, no shoes at all, which actually sounds more appealing). I can’t imagine why anyone would want to buy them, except, I guess, if you are, like 4 feet tall and wish you were 4′-5″. Seriously though, there are prettier ways of doing that.

PS – Suede sneakers? Why?

Fun fact: I just ate a mini red velvet cupcake and it was delicious!

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