Elizabeth and James – Milo Heel

I know there’s a rule somewhere in the fashion world that says you can’t wear white after labor day. Annnnd Wikipedia FTW with the reason why: “The United States also adopted the tradition of not wearing white after Labor Day. This is the time when the Navy switches from their white uniforms to their Navy blue uniforms.” But screw rules. Rules were made to be broken. [Insert Another Cliché Here].

Mary Kate (and Ashley, but really, we all know the brains (and drug-addiction) behind the operation are all MK) Olsen has done it again. Ankle strap ankle strap ankle strap! I actually overheard a saleswoman telling a potential client that she doesn’t like the ankle strap cause she thinks it makes your ankles look kankley but I THINK SHE’S WRONG. I think the ankle strap is one of the most flattering looks on a shoe, especially a heel. Another thing I love about this shoe? I simply can’t get enough of it’s almost-pointed toe. It’s as though Mary Kate was sitting there designing the shoe and said “I’m gonna make a pointed-toe… no wait… hold up… not so fast… make it rounded make it rounded!” and what she was left with was a pointed-toe with a slight round to it. Probs also super duper comfy to walk in.

Keep it up, Michelle Tanner/2 – I love all that you give us!

PS – I hope those of you that are unfamiliar with this blog understand the distinction between my love for shoes, and Sea of Shoes. I also hope that one day, someone will show Jane Aldridge (of said blog) how to flip photos so they’re not 90 degrees in the wrong direction.

Fun fact: I now have a zebra hanging above my fireplace! Check it outtttt:

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