Vans – Vault High-tops

As you have probably already gathered, I really am not a sneaker-person. The ironic part of that statement is that as I am sitting at my desk writing this, I am wearing sneakers, but it is a rare occurrence, I swear (and you know I would never lie to you)! That being said, just cause I don’t wear ’em doesn’t mean I can appreciate ’em or hate on ’em cause at this point in the post, who knows what I’ll do! (Side note: it is way harder to type in a casual way using words like ’em than it is to speak in a casual way. I know you were on the edges of your swivel desk-chairs wondering).

Ok so these are pretty friggin sweet. Yes, I said it: friggin sweet.  Don’t quote me on this, but I think they’re suede, which is a pretty big material this season and in life in general, so that’s cool.  Laces: check. I personally can’t keep my eyes off those eye-popin colors! I also, apparently, am having a hard time typing the letter “g” in this post (especially when it should follow the letters i and n). My one problem with these shoes is that they’re high-tops. I know I know that makes them more legit and rad and totally awesome dude(!) but you have to have toothpicks for legs for them to look flattering (and when you have toothpicks for legs, it’s pretty hard to walk, I hear). They’re still easily on my list of my top-5 fav sneaks of all time (numero uno being classic white keds, OBVIDUH). For other ghetto (and other communities) fabulous sneakers, look here.

Okeee ladies and gentzzz that’s all for today.

Ha didn’t think I’d forget the fun fact, didja? FUNFACTOFTODAY: I drank my weight in coffee this morning.

disclaimer: reflection in black background not included with sneaker.


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