Yves Saint Laurent – Suede Mary Jane

I once had a counselor at sleep-away camp named Mary Jane. And while I am a big believer in the idea that we grow to fit our names, she is definitely not the type of girl to ever wear Mary Janes (especially not these). BUT, YSL didn’t make these for the MJ that I know, so it’s all goooood.

Suede is tricky. I have a few pairs of suede shoes and I am always afraid they’ll get ruined if I wear them. Don’t worry, I wear them, cause I can’t imagine having a pair of shoes that never gets worn – too sad. Putting that aside, these 5-inchers are stunning. The color, which YSL calls “cognac” is so rich and soothing. The leather weaving over the toes is dainty and yet functional, girly and yet not overkill, aka pretty damn close to the perfect shoe.

But what do you wear these with? They’re not really fancy-pants enough for an evening gown (and let’s be real, I’m not sure when the next time is that I’ll need to sport an evening gown anyway). Can you wear them with jeans? Shorts and a chunky sweater? People out there reading this, what do you think!? (Comment. I love love love when you guys comment.)

Fun fact: I’m currently enrolled in a class that scares my mother.


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