Comme des Garcons – Clog Pumps

I’ve only ever set foot in one Commes des Garcons store in my life, but if they’re all like the one in Chelsea in New York City, I implore those of you reading this right now to hunt down your nearest one and visit it. Even if you have no intention of purchasing anything (it takes a very specific type of person to pull off something by this Japan-based style house), it is worth it for the experience and the exposure alone.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I picked this particular shoe for today because of its details. So I haven’t ever actually made a pair of shoes, but I’m gonna venture a guess and say it isn’t easy. But putting that aside, this clog was made so well it looks like it was made poorly. And that’s what makes it so charming! The unevenness of the light-brown trim along the bottom of the shoe makes this almost-costume-like heel go from drab to fab (yeah, I definitely stole that line from a shampoo commercial but I think it works). I mean, let’s be honest, the clog itself is not the most attractive shoe. But these for some reason are attractive. I actually really wanted to tell all of you a bit more about the clog, but upon googling the word, this is what I got. Super helpful. I’ll have to do some deeper digging at another time and I’ll get back to ya.

Fun fact: The New Yorker publishes the best cartoons. This is my favorite.


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