Melissa – DIY Booties

It’s kinda sad to think that someone once invented the idea of people making stuff on their own. But, apparently, Gaetano Pesce (Italian architect-turned-columnist for French Elle) is credited with the having been the first person to DIY (DIH?) – with a chair, back in 1972.

So Pesce has joined forces now with the maven of jelly-shoes, Melissa, and created an ankle bootie composed of interconnected PVC circles. That you can cut to create the shoe of your choosing. I am baffled. ‘‘This is the future of mass production,’’ Pesce said to T-Magazine. ‘‘With the technology we have today, we can give people something that is half done and ask them to finish it.’’

I think I’d be nervous with these though. How do you decide what kind of shoes to make? When are you finished with said shoe? I guess that just means one would have to buy more than one pair, right?

Fact: I have the heebie-jeebies.

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