Marni – Green Heels

I went shopping yesterday with my dad. If you know my dad, you know he’s perhaps more fashionable than I am and is at least as much of a shopaholic as I am. So when I say I went shopping yesterday with my dad, that naturally means that he did the bulk of the purchasing since he’s the one who controlled what stores we went to. Started at Issey Miyake, headed to Thom Browne, and topped things off with a trip to Marni. At the first two locales I didn’t find any shoes worth writing home (or here) about, but Marni never disappoints!

I actually wanted to buy these. I tried them on, pranced around the store in them, and the different salesmen and women (all of whom embarrassingly know my father on a first-name basis) were trying to get me to buy them, but I had to resist. Don’t get me wrong, I love this pair of heels. Some might be turned off by the color but that green is the stuff my dreams are made of, no joke. I also really enjoy the fact that they are suede even though that’s a tricky fabric (I guess if you wear these there’s little room for stomping in puddles – something I guessss I’ll have to forgo). I sadly didn’t end up buying them though (a combination of a high price and a high heel – caused a bit more discomfort than I was comfortable with (wordplay!)).

Still, Marni remains one of my favorite shoe designers – always edgy, always daring, always a little bit funkier than most people can handle.

Fun fact: I’m off to tend to my tomato plants!

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