Rhinestoned Asics

I think if you’re a guy, being a personal trainer is probably the best job in the world. Free and unlimited access to a gym, great hours, and you get to flirt. all. day. I’m not a guy, and I’m not a personal trainer, but I do go to a gym. And I can say that these silly sneakers seen above have attracted more personal trainers than any other item of clothing anyone at my gym has ever worn (and some of the women really need to be taught what is gym-appropriate and what isn’t).

The shoes pictured above are actually the shoes I wear to the gym. I was told by a trainer at my gym that my Nike Dunks weren’t doing the trick for me and that I ought to invest in actual running shoes. So he sent me to buy a pair of Asics and they were so drab that something HAD to be done. See above for the final result. Considering I go to the gym twice a day, seven days a week, these bad boys get worn a lot. And not to toot my own horn, but of the fourteen times a week I wear these shoes, at least ten of those times someone asks me about these shoes. I’ve gotten a few extra days at the gym for free because of them. I even got a free session with a super cute (and very flirty) personal trainer because he liked how nutso I was that I sat and hand glued each rhinestone onto my sneaks. So I guess I took a page from Cinderella’s book and learned that a pair of shoes sometimes does make all the difference.

Fun fact: 7 days, ladies and gents, and we’ll all be reunited again!


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