Matiko – Studded Leather Flat

Studs were really big a few years ago. I remember my mom bought me a DIY stud machine thing (technical terminology) and I applied studs to almost everything I owned. And then as quickly as they appeared they disappeared again (and I was left with a wardrobe of fashion-backward attire and a depressed disposition).

Well whattdaya know? THEY’RE BACK. Alexander Wang has lots of studs on a few of his handbags this season. New to the scene, Eddie Borgo has it going on also with lots of studs and spikes in his jewelry. So it shouldn’t surprise you that I’d hunt down an adorable pair of shoes with studs on them (although what I probably should have done is studded a pair myself). These Urban Outfitters flats are casual studded chic.  I usually don’t like shoes like these (the color, I mean) because they’re easy.  They match almost anything so they don’t make you work (and I think putting together an outfit should require some IQ points).  BUT I guess something’s gotta give, and the studs are totallllly worth it.

If only I still owned my wardrobe cira 2002.

Fun fact: tomorrow’s shoe is funny.

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