Chloé – Flat Wrapped-Strap Boot

I have previously stated that Miu Miu is my favorite shoe designer and that Rebecca Taylor is my favorite clothing designer and that life requires nothing else but those two brands and chicken caesar wraps and diet pepsi (seriously, if you know me, you know that’s all I eat/drink). WELL WELL my friends I stand (actually sit, in my living room, using my coffee table as a desk) corrected. Chloé designs are elegant, sophisticated, and comfortable.

I personally am a huge boot-wearer. I go to school in Boston and if that doesn’t really mean anything to you, we get a lot of snow. Boots are nice for when it snows because you can romp around and you don’t have to worry about the bottoms of your pants getting wet (which is probably my least favorite feeling, maybe second only to getting blood drawn, but that’s a road down which I do not wish to go on this blog). ANYWAY, I find myself drawn to this boot because it isn’t boring.  Boots too often are boring and I hate boring of any sort, and so you can assume rightly that I hate boring boots.  So hats off to you, Hannah MacGibbon, Creative Director of Chloé, for hitting another ball outta the park! Can’t believe I just typed that.  I didn’t know my hands knew how to form the letters needed for a baseball reference.

Fun fact of the day: I bought the most hysterical birthday card today for a friend. But you can’t sign it. It’s quite a tricky card.

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