Shnews – Ciara’s Monthly Shoe Budget

Sometimes I stumble upon shoe news that is too good to pass up and not share with my readers (in my mind there are thousands upon thousands of you but in reality I think it’s just my mom, so, hi mom!). Anyway, I was inspired by this recent bit of news to start a new category (cue Jeopardy theme)! Shnews! Get it? Shoe + News = Shoe News or Shnews. I’m brilliant, I know.

According to a post on The Boom Box, Ciara spends approximately $11,000 on shoes, a month. Now don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have eleven thousand dollars worth of new shoes a month, but does anyone else think that C-lady has her priorities a little out of whack? I quote the modern-day Imelda Marcos herself, “I just love shoes and go for what’s hot. I like everything from Louboutin and Dr Martens to Versace and Fendi.”  Come on girl! There are starving children somewhere! People need water! Hell, people need shoes! You already have plenty!  And if you’re gonna spend 11k monthly on shoes for yourself, at least be original! Reach out to some unknowns! Live dangerously! And if you don’t wear them, you have 10k-worth of other shoes to choose from! Exclamation Point!

Sorry for the rant. Reckless shoe shopping gets my antsy.

In Meryl-news, as of last night there’s a new member to my family! I have a new cousin, a boy, named Adam.  And pretty soon he’s gonna have a kickass shoe collection.  I promise.

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