Miu Miu Heels

Maybe you can’t really see the image (and I’m sorry if you can’t) but this is a photo of an incredible pair of Miu Miu heels that my friend Megan found on sale! SALE! My favorite four-letter word (ok, you got me, it’s my second favorite, after love – you had to see that one coming).

Ah Miu Miu, my heart longs for you. And this pair is particularly dapper – gold and olive-green, nice sized heel, STUDS.  You can see a bit of my rug there too which obviously adds to the shoe’s charm and class. As do my other friend’s bare feet and a sliver of my knee.

I sometimes think that if Miu Miu were to make me an entire wardrobe and shoe collection to last me the rest of my life, I would be eternally happy and never feel the need to go shopping ever again. That’s probably not true (since I have an intense love for shopping, a disease-like obsession with purchasing new items of clothing), but it’s a moo point (Friends Reference Alert!) anyway, since I don’t think I’ll ever get my own personal wardrobe of Miu Miu. But it’s fun to dream…

Fun fact: Tonight I am to be reunited with my two best friends in the whole world and I can’t wait since they both keep on escaping to Italy and leaving me behind in New York.  Not cool ladies… not cool…


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