Dorothy’s Miu Mius

Oxfords are in. And what’s better than a pair of glittery oxfords? I mean really, you can wear them with anything, they’re dressy and casual, I love them. Dorothy Gail from Kansas definitely would be wearing these right now if she lived in our times, or lived at all… I’ve definitely cracked that joke before. It’s not funny the second time either.

I often think of shoes as my children, and I know we’re not supposed to pick favorites, but I have to say, if I could pick, Miu Miu would my favorite designer. Yeah, yeah, Miu MIu is really Miuccia Prada, who, together with her husband, runs Prada. Yes, the Prada that you’ve been having wet dreams about since you’ve been having wet dreams. Bet you didn’t know this Miuccia, the granddaughter of Mario Prada, the company’s founder, has a PhD in Political Science. Yeah, it comes in handy when she’s dealing with conflicts between right-winged shoes and left-winged dresses.

So while these shoes are all glitz and glam, they’re also Miu Miu, meaning they’re no shits, no sham.

Fact: My older sister graduates from college in less than a week. Welcome to the real world, SGN.

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