Madden Girl – Keltic Stretch Platform Sandal

The reason I started this blog in the first place was three-fold (Friends Reference Alert!): One, to express to the blogging world my undying obsession with shoes. Two, to give this whole blogging game a turn. And three, to recommend shoes to friends and have them recommend shoes to me. Don’t get me wrong – this isn’t the first shoe that a friend has recommended to me that I’ve gone on to write about, there certainly have been others. I just thought it was about time I explained what was going on here.

A friend of mine felt she HAD to recommend this shoe to me and boy am I glad she did (thanks friend – you know who you are). Reasons for this suggestion: 1. These shoes are great for going out – apparently (and you can trust my friend on this for she does not lie) they’re insanely comfortable considering how slinky and saucy they are). 2. This shoe is from DSW. Meaning, it’s on the cheap. I don’t usually like mentioning prices on my blog because I think the price of a shoe is not at all important and does not always correlate to its value as an article of fashion – but putting that aside, it’s nice to know when shoes are definitely within your budget! And hey – since these are going-out shoes, it’s even nicer to know that if some hunky klutz of a guy spills beer on them, you can always get a new pair!

Fun fact: Tomorrow I start my new job!

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