Melissa – Gold

Zaha Hadid, in 2007, began contributing to the brand Melissa and the duo has been spitting out plastic shoe after plastic shoe ever since then. I recently saw a pair of these when I was shopping with my parents (yes my parents – my shopoholism is genetic) on the Lower East Side, an evolving neighborhood, and I immediately fell in love with them. Sadly, I could not purchase them for myself because the sizes weren’t ideal for my overly large foot, but I will continue to look for a pair that is suited for me.

Zaha Hadid herself though is not like your typical designer. She’s actually an architect. Funny how those two professions seem to have a lot of crossover – I guess shoes are important buildings themselves, so if you think about it, it makes some sense. It’s just not the first thing I’d think of. But whatever works, right?

The idea of an all-plastic sandal isn’t exactly novel, however, and Melissa has been doing it as a brand since 1979. We all remember those snazzy buckle sandals that we all had that were completely made of plastic, don’t we? Yeah they were awful – and likely knock-offs of the original Melissas. They stuck to your feet like rubber to glue? Is that what they say? That has no real-life application for me. They stuck to your feet like a magnet to the fridge. There, that’s better. Well, lookie here. These Melissa shoes have solved the problem (you can’t tell from the photo so you’re gonna have to trust me). They’re lined. Lined! Ah the revelation! Another day of fighting fashion crime!

Fact: I gave away half of my pairs of jeans today. Leaving me with 28 pairs. That I likely will never wear.


One thought on “Melissa – Gold

  1. Hi, I thought I would add a few points to this story just in case someone reads it. melissa has been ‘spitting’ out shoes since 1979. They are the creator of the original jelly shoe and one of the most forward thinking companies in the world. The plastic shoes you wore as a child were probably copies. Zaha Hadid was simply one of many many contributors the brand has had over the years. most recently Jean Paul Gaultier – the second time since his late 80’s debut with the brand.

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