Sigerson Morrison – Buckle Sandal

The word on the street is that yellow is the hot color for the summer. Ah ha! Someone else thinks that’s as predictable as I think it is? I like yellow. My parents’ house is yellow, the house in which my sister and I grew up, so the color yellow is associated with happiness and good memories in my mind.

I can’t decide if I like this shoe or not. I know that’s been the name of the game these past few posts – and I’m just WAITING for one of you to call me out on my constant indecision. But alright we’re gonna do a pros and cons. You ready for this? Get ready:

1. Beautiful color. Glistens, glows, not too green but not too orange either. Just right, Goldylocks, it’s just. right.
2. Open-toed. A bit of a wide open-toe but it’s still nice to be able to show off a toe-nail now and then (that sounds kind of gross but you know what I mean).
3. High ankle strap. I’ve always found these to be 1. surprisingly comfortable and 2. surprisingly flattering – they accentuate the skinniness of ankles (or kankles, depending on what you have going on down there).

1. There’s really only the one but it’s semi-important. I am not a fan of the hardware on the buckle. It’s extremely cowboy-like and while I haven’t really met many cowboys, I have a sneaking suspicion that they would not be caught dead or alive in a pair of these sandals, despite how adorable they are.

So think what you want, wear what you want, that’s somewhat the name of the game in this be who you want to be world in which we live. I’m off to go running now.

Fun fact: while preparing this post I was also watching Julie and Julia. And I love it.


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