J. Crew – Natalia dip-dyed leather ballet flats

When I think of J. Crew, I think of New Hampshire. I think of boarding school. I think of oxford shirts, cable-knit sweaters, khakis, and J. Crew. See that circle I just went around in? But why do I think all of these things? One of my closest friends is a walking J. Crew catalogue. She’s from New Hampshire. She went to boarding school. She wears oxfords and cable-knit sweaters (not khakis – I don’t befriend anyone who wears khakis). She’s been offered jobs at two different J. Crew locations just as she was shopping at them.

These J. Crew ballet flats are cute. They’re very J. Crew. What a cop-out of a comment. They’re also a complete knock-off of Chanel flats. Come on, J. Crew! I know my friend reads your catalogues from cover to cover as if they were the Bible or, if you’re my mother, the Wall Street Journal, but really? dip-dyed toes? You aren’t fooling anyone. Coco Chanel has a monopoly on the two-toned shoe with a leather cap. She’s held that monopoly for years and no matter how many times you pass go and collect $200, she will still have a monopoly on that look.

Also, J. Crew, these shoes commit one of the major crimes of fashion (a crime I myself commit sometimes and don’t really think is that big of a deal but I’ll mention it anyway): Black and Navy! Together! On the same shoe! AHH!

Sorry, dear friend of mine and avid J. Crew lover, for dragging your beloved brand through the mud.

Fact: I move into my new apartment tomorrow! Eeek! Anyone know any places I have to check out on the Upper West Side?


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