Sartore – Distressed Ankle Boot

I’ve always wanted a pair of leather ankle boots. I think they’re the perfect outfit-completer. My personal style is a bit of vintage and a bit of hipster. So these boots would be perfect. And considering it was my birthday on May 11th, if you wanted to send me a pair of these, I’d love you forever!

But really, these Sartore boots are nicer than most I’ve seen. They’re a color that should match most things. They are the perfect height (meaning I love how high up the leg they go). I just hope I can pull them off. I mean, I know they’ll match my super hipster/gangster eye glasses (some of you know what I’m talking about). I actually saw several people wearing boots like these in SoHo today – uber chic part of town if you’re uninformed.

So as I lie in bed typing away, watching Friends in the background, I can’t help but picture how snazzy my feet would look with a pair of these bad boys on them.

Fun fact: I’m typing this on my new mac.


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