Toms – Bennet Metallic Slip-On

I hate laces. I’m pretty much as anti-laces as one can possibly be. And I really like shiny things. Seriously, for those of you who know me personally, you can attest to that statement (my gold skirt, silver hot pants, and silver bra should be enough evidence). But putting my clear physical attraction to this shoe aside, I have to say I think it’s a great, practical, summer purchase.

I hate having to buckle gladiators 14 times, I hate the flip and flop noise that flip flops make (plus a certain woman named Beth used to warn me against wearing those for 8 straight summers). So what could be more perfect for the summer than a light, comfortable, slip on pair of shoes. Not to mention these are just hipster enough to fulfill my hipster needs.

So yeah, it’s a litttttle annoying that you HAVE to buy these shoes from Neiman Marcus and Neiman Marcus only (since it’s one of those hoity toity exclusively-ours (!) things. But I think I’ll get over it. Somehow.

Fact: I have an extensive greeting-card collection and am constantly looking for new sources of cards.


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