Marc Jacobs – Mouse

Marc Jacobs is an interesting shoe designer. That’s putting it politely. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Marc Jacobs (seriously, if you were to check out my closet, you’d see). Dude has his own line, two actually, but let’s not forget he’s also the Louis Vuitton Creative Director. And batshit crazy.

For years and years Marc Jacobs has been coming out with mouse shoes. They’re always the same basic structure: ballet flats that adorn an adorable face with eyes, a cute nose, ears, and whiskers. Do people wear them? I don’t know, but my guess is yes since he keeps making them.

This is how I see it: for them to work they have to be ridiculous. Go Big or Go Home. These are BIG. It’s a mouse, but it is so much more than that also. 1. Black Suede – Yummy 2. SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS IN RAINBOW COLORS 3. They’re bound to be as helpful as the mice were to Cinderella in the famous Disney movie (except I don’t think these shoes talk…)

The one warning is that MJ shoes tend to need to be worn in which may be discouraging, but don’t cave! These are worth the pain. Pain is beauty. I hate that phrase.

Beauty is painless.


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