Irregular Choice

I was walking around the Village on Tuesday with my mom and sister and we stumbled upon a store called Irregular Choices.  It seems to be exclusively a shoe store but let me tell you, as the name indicates, it is not your regular store.  The thing is, though, as bizarre as these shoes are, and trust me – they are, they’re bizarrely cute.  I want a pair, even if I only have the courage to wear them around my house (that’s pathetic, I won’t do that – shoes deserve to be worn in the real world) (I also just argued with myself. Cool.)

I wanted to find out more about the store, who designs, what they make, their history, so I peeked at the About Us page from the site and here’s what I found:

“Recapture your freedom which eloped with your youth’’

Creator and Designer, Dan Sullivan

Irregular Philosophy

Irregular Choice is known for maintaining creativity and individuality in a world of conformity. It is more than just the name of a brand. It’s a state of mind, a way of being. A supply of something fresh and fun that maintains imagination and originality above all else.

(If you want a full history, check this out).

Anyway, check out the pictures and the store’s website – it’s all goofy, colorful, and potentially inspirational.

Enjoy and enjoy this beautiful weather!

2 thoughts on “Irregular Choice

  1. Hey Meryl,
    I know this super random, but I stumbled on your blog clicking gchat status links and I absolutely love it. What excellent shoes, and I love your cute little descriptions!


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