Elie Tahari – Annie

1. Elie Tahari, a Persian Jew born in Jerusalem, is, despite the common belief, a MAN. I was shocked to learn that it was Mr. Tahari, not Miss that is behind these incredible designs.

2. Mr. Tahari moved to the US in 1971 and worked as an electrician. THIS MAN IS SO MYSTERIOUS!

3. There’s no doubt that he knows what he’s doing with it comes to fashion. While no designer is infallible when it comes to designing, I can only think of one designer who might be a little closer to perfection than Tahari (you guessed it, Miu Miu, my fav, DUH).

4. Does anyone else find themselves reaching for the nearest tissue, towel, or sleeve to wipe away the drool salavating from their mouthes at the sight of these shoes? That was graphic, I’m sorry, and I’m sorry I always equating shoes with food (I don’t eat shoes, I promise, I’m not that weird). Anyway, I digress (Catcher in the Rye reference right there, RIP JD Sal). This Annie wedge comes in two other colors: black and a grey-ish color, but neither has the snakeskin heel that this version of the shoe has, and I honestly don’t like the shoe as much as a solid.  While I personally am a little wary of the height of this heel, I think this is the perfect summer shoe: light colors and definitely sexy but not garish and bright like summer shoes tend to be.

Hope you enjoyed the list.


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