Barbara Bui – Notched Platform Pumps

It has been exactly one week since my last post. Why have I been missing in action, some of you have been asking? There are a couple of reasons, and so I have decided to list them for you:

1 – Last Wednesday, as you may recall, was my best friend’s birthday, and so Wednesday was quite occupied with various forms of celebration (and one of the best meals I’ve had in a while).

2 – on Friday I coordinated and hosted a surprise party for that very same friend. Planning the event was time consuming to say the least. With close to 50 guests and the trouble of keeping the event a surprise, I had to get creative, and fast. I told Ali (my BFF) that there was a party on Friday night hosted by a group of my friends and, seeing as I’m currently single and ready to mingle, I was taking her as my plus one. Before the party, though, I suggested that we go shopping in Boston and grab a nice dinner together. She was down like Toyota stock. I organized drinks, food, and decorations ahead of time and with the help of my fabulous friends, everything was set up and organized while I took Ali on her decoy trip. We returned at around 8:30, she showered and got ready for the party she thought she was going to, and in the meantime, guests arrived at the party spot by 9:30. Just after 10, I dragged Ali up to where the party was being held, and she was surprised, to say the least. Overall, the party was a hit, but unfortunately it kept me away from shoes and for that I apologize.

3 – By Sunday I had fully recovered from the surprise party only to realize that I had three papers to write for this week. Knowing that tomorrow (Thursday) morning I find out where I am going to live next year (it’s a much bigger deal than I am making it sound), I had to slave away and get everything done by today so I can party and celebrate guilt-free.

I know I’m a horrible person for depriving all of my wonderful readers of shoe news and I can assure you that I feel the guilt and I hope you will forgive me!

And now for today’s shoe. Barbara Bui is a fairly established designer, known best for her shoes and handbags. And I have to say, if she were running for President of the Fashion World, she’d have my vote. Now I’m partially biased because purple is my favorite color and eggplant purple especially, but I can say with almost absolute certainty that I would love this shoe in almost any other color also. It’s pretty much just a straight up pointed-toe pump, I know, but it’s the little embellishments that make it really dazzle. Like the little slit on the side, for example, or the silver heel. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind owning a pair…

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