Versace – Alice in Wonderland-inspired Shoes

You put Tim Burton in a room with his common-law wife, Helena Bonham Carter and their good friend Johnny Depp, and what they will come up with is enough to inspire any designer. So it only makes sense that Donatella Versace would hitch her wagon to the Alice in Wonderland train.

No one is going to even attempt to dispute the fact that Lewis Carroll was a psychadelic dude. And these Versace runway heels do the story justice. Crazy high platforms, wild colors and patterns, they’re everything I usually hate about shoes and yet I want a pair. While it would probably take me a few months to complete the proper training required to walk any reasonable distance in these heels, I could so see myself wearing them with a plain black dress to a cocktail party or some similar event.

So what do you say, down the rabbit hole to catch a pair of these Versace heels?


3 thoughts on “Versace – Alice in Wonderland-inspired Shoes

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