Nine West – Dive In Pumps

While some people probably only know Molly Ringwald from ABC Family show The Secret Life of the American Teenager, to me she will always be Andie Walsh from the 1986 hit Pretty in Pink. I love that movie. So. Much.

But okay, relevance? These Nine West for Nordstroms heels look like the popped straight out of Molly’s wardrobe from the film. Pink, obviously, but also closed-toed, patent-leather, and chic. Actually, according to Nordstroms, it’s “liquid-shine patent is crafted into a beautifully bare pump with a slender ankle strap and tapered heel.” Ok then someone’s a little excited about the shoe (that someone is me, clearly). I usually don’t like owning things that other people own, just because I like being my own person, but I would do a lot of things to get a pair of these.

If you wear these shoes, someone is sure to walk up to you and say “this is a really volcanic ensemble you’re wearing, it’s really marvelous!”

2 thoughts on “Nine West – Dive In Pumps

  1. Do you know if Nordstrom still carries these shoes? They’re no longer on the website, and I can’t find them for sale anywhere!

  2. Argh I think, sadly, they were only available for a limited time! It’s been a few months since I first saw them so they might not be for sale anymore. Sorry I can’t be of more help!


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