Yves Saint Laurent – Caged Platform Sandal

Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life. Keep those words close to your heart, for there’s nothing quite so miraculous as a life-changing experience – provided it is a positive one. And likewise, there is nothing quite so miraculous as a pair of shoes – provided they are stunning creatures of the imagination, likes these Yves Saint Laurent sandals.

Now I know that today isn’t really the appropriate day for wearing these YSL platforms – not with the flooding that’s going on outside. But they’re gorgeous nonetheless, don’t even pretend to disagree. I’ve got to say though, and no offence to Yves Saint Laurent, but I would like the shoe a lot better if the black detailed trim was white. Just saying…

Before I run off to a meeting, just promise me one thing: you won’t go leaving one of these sandals on some castle steps, I don’t care how cute the guy is.


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