Julian Hakes – The Mojito

Mojitos usually have five ingredients: white rum, sugar, lime, sparkling water, and mint. This mojito, however, was made from a few different things. Yes, it is a shoe, and yes you can walk in it, despite the fact that it looks like a piece of sculpture.

Julian Hakes is an architect by trade, a Brit by birth, and a genius by the powers of DNA and probably a solid education. This shoe is quite reminiscent of many of the buildings he’s designed: clean, curved, almost too-modern if that is at all possible. And despite the fact that I personally would never wear it, I kind of love it, don’t you? It doesn’t look comfortable and I have no idea what you could wear a shoe like this with, but I want a pair to look at.

I guess Julian Hakes isn’t much of a shoe designer, but he’s one hell of a sculptor.

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