Calvin Klein – Candis Tie-Dye Suede Sandal

When the moon is in the Seventh House… and Jupiter aligns with Mars… then peace will guide the planets… and love will steer the stars…

If you’re a hippie, you know those lyrics. If you’re a hippie, you also will love these shoes. I’m a recovering hippie, I love these shoes. They’re the perfect shoes for recovering hippies. I mean, normally I’d say they’re the perfect shoes for hippies, but, well, hippies don’t usually wear shoes. (Too real?)

Tie dye is tricky. It often is tacky; everyone knows that woman who wears a tie dyed shirt left over from her hippie days in the 70s that no longer fits her but she insists on wearing it every Tuesday nonetheless to relive her glory days. I implore you to never become one of those women.

Calvin Klein has a nice tie dye on this shoe.  Leaving it simply at the toe area means that even non-hippies can sport these sandals (and please do, they’re calling for you to wear them).  Yes they’re a little on the casual side of things but that’s okay – everyone needs a sandal for everyday wear, right?

So I only am left with one thing to say:

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius
The age of Aquarius


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