Valentine’s Day

Alright, this isn’t going to be a post about shoes. I’m sorry if all you want to read about are shoes and I implore you to continue reading anyway. Today marks a very important day, a day that comes once a year, a day that some love and some hate and everyone waits for anxiously. Yes, I’m talking about that cuddly, red-and-pink, heart-filled and love-filled Valentine’s Day.

So I personally am not a fan of the holiday. I don’t hate Valentine’s day because I have no one to share it with and no love in my life. I hate it because it is a silly, frivolous holiday invented by Hallmark and other like-minded companies to capitalize on our “love.” It forces guys and girls alike to express their love for one another even if they aren’t ready; I personally only want someone to tell me they love me if they mean it, not because February 14th has rolled around on the calendar and they feel obligated. No one should ever feel obligated to be in love; they should feel privileged.

So I hope everyone enjoyed their day, night, whatever, and remember that no matter what your day was like today, it was just a Sunday.

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