Jimmy Choo – Nixon

If Juno MacGuff were to strut her fictional stuff on the red carpet, I definitely think she would be sporting this Jimmy Choo shoe. I was so tempted to write “shoo” just then. Juno is funky and witty to the point of befuddlement at times.

According to Jimmy Choo, you can “rock that 70s style in these platform corked heel sandals. To complete that retro look, add our Martha clutch in denim with jazzy lightening bolt and star print.” Juno definitely craved 70s gear, from her hamburger phone to her step-mom’s minivan. She’s a hipster version of Donna from That 70s Show. She listens (and loves) Sonic Youth and, aside from being pregnant, she tries not to upset her parents as to allow herself to stay away from her step-mom Bren and little sister Liberty Bell (LB for short).

The yellow suede of this shoe would be perfect for red-carpet Juno, and the retro style would appropriately bring out her retro personality.

So I guess there’s really only one thing left to say: THUNDERCATS ARE GO!


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