Valentino – High Heeled Sandals

If Valentino Garavani, the brains behind the Valentino operation, called me up one day and asked me to name this shoe, I probably would call it the Calligraphy Sandal. This stunning piece of fashion genius reminds me vividly of my elementary school years when I first learned how to write in script. The elegant swooping seam along the side of the foot coupled with the bold bow atop the toes is just the perfect mixture of dainty and daring.

And who can say no to that color? Alright, I admit it is definitely a shoe that, if you manage to be brave enough to buy it (which I just might have to do because, as many of you know, purple is by far my favorite color), you certainly can’t wear with everything.

Be careful, though, when wearing a shoe that is a light color like this one. Watch where you step because you never know who may have left a little business behind on your path. Valentino, owner and lover of six pugs (yes, six: the mother, Molly; her sons, Milton and Monty; and her daughters, Margot, Maude and Maggie) certainly knows what it’s like to make that mistake.


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