Marni – Sandals

I want to start this post off by apologizing to my readers. It seems that I have gotten a little off base with my blogging; this blog is supposed to be a place where I can share with you shoes that I think are adorable, stylish, and très chic, whether you (or I) are willing to wear them or not.

So for today I’ve singled out this Marni shoe. Marni is interesting to begin with. Known for it’s garish colors, shapeless patterns, and bizarre styles, Marni is a couture label that often confuses people (it certainly confuses me). Some of the pieces on this label are truly stunning, but others leave me with the feeling that most people only value Marni clothing because they think they’re supposed to. It’s the Stephen Sondheim effect; we only endure his melodies (or melody, I should say, since all of his songs sound the same) because we think we’re supposed to when the truth of the matter is that the dude should have stuck with lyrics and lyrics alone.

This Marni shoe, however, is one of Marni designer Consuelo Castiglioni’s successes. While I cannot see myself wearing this shoe ever, I can and do appreciate it. This shoe leaves much of the foot exposed, creating a sexy slenderizing effect.  The zipper running up the foot dresses down the shoe so it can be worn both on the runway and off (if you can tackle the 5-inch heel, which I’m told some people can).  The delicious chocolate brown suede leaves me longing for a midnight snack, and yet the shoe has some black detailing as well, making it possible to wear this Marni creation with both black and brown (which, ladies and gents, I think just happens to be an adorable combination).

So thank you, mysterious reader A, whoever you are, for helping me realize that I was skimping on my duties. I really do appreciate it and I hope both that this post is more along the lines of what you want and that you’ll let me know if I start wavering again in the future.

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