Really, Bloomingdales? Really?

I just got off the phone with my father. Weird start to a blog post about shoes, I’m aware, but I have a connection I promise. So my dad forwarded me an email he got from Bloomingdales. That’s not all that unusual because he does shop there on occasion. However, he was a little taken aback because the email was all about women’s high-heels.

So I’m going to show all of you the advertisement that was in said email (see above). Bloomingdales is promoting this season’s shoes by telling everyone to that they can “Make the Cut in Statement Shoes.” Ok, I’ll bite. But what shoes do they suggest? They show three shoes: a Joie fringed bootie, a Boutique 9 overly laced bootie, and a Guess silver-and-white open-toed bootie. Ah I get it. In order to be successful in this upcoming season I have to wear booties? Says who?

I love booties, I do, but Bloomingdales: you’re being too limiting! Not everyone can succeed in booties: the heels are often too high, and if you don’t have the best of legs they can have adverse effects. So caution, my readers, and keep in mind that in this case Bloomingdales did not score a touchdown (reference obviously necessary given the Super Bowl on Sunday).

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