Mossimo – Kadisha Lace-Up Booties

So tomorrow night I’m going to a Librarians and Barbarians party. You know, it’s along the same vain as Golf Pros and Tennis Hoes parties where the whole point is for guys to wear whatever they want and girls to dress like sluts. But I’m going nonetheless. This one happens to be particularly tricky, however, because of the weather (cold, if you are uncertain). I fully intend on wearing a black mini skirt, some sort of cardigan sweater, tights, and possibly fake pearls (would never trust the real ones on a night like tomorrow night). But what to wear on my feet? Librarians are usually in lace-up black sneakers (well, at least the 90-year-old librarians from my home town always were).

These Mossimo booties, in my opinion, are a perfect morph of sex appeal and traditional librarian garb. They’re lace up and all black, like librarian shoes ought to be, but they’re patent leather and have a sizable heel, making them raunchy enough for the festivities at hand. What’s extra nice about them is that my toes will be kept warm (hopefully).

Hope to see you at the party.

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