DSQUARED2 – Hiking Sandals

Can someone please tell me what a hiking sandal is? I’m not much of a hiker, for reasons that would be obvious if you met me face to face (let’s just put it this way: I’m not exactly the outdoorsy type). But still, the concept of a hiking sandal seems unnatural. And even if we were to pretend that hiking in sandals was a good idea, how could this DSQUARED2 sandal lead you successfully to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro without breaking your neck in the process?

But let’s forget about the stated purpose of these shoes, because lots of people wear shoes in contexts other than their intended ones (for example, I own a pair of riding boots that I often wear, but it has been a good four years since I rode a horse). This shoe looks like an overly bright sneaker mated with a high heeled sandal. And let me tell you, that is not a good idea.

So the real question is, what were the identical twin stars of Launch My Line thinking?


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