Pierre Hardy – Peep Bootie

So many things spiraling through my brain. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THESE BOOTS? They’re Frankensteinian boots. They’re like the love child of two beautiful pairs of totally different shoes: and they’ve acquired everything extravagant about each pair. Goodness they’re awful. The heel, for starters, is way too thick to not be the main focus of the shoe. Then, the boots have these straight-laced laces which are just too much enclosure for such a dark shoe. And wait, to top it all off, they’re peep-toes! Why, God, WHY? It’s like Pierre Hardy said, “I want to cover the whole shoe so it can’t breathe, but we’re going to tease it and trick it and let the big toe peek out and get some fresh air while everyone else is suffocating.”

Less is more, Pierre Hardy, less is more.

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