Nicholas Kirkwood – Rodarte Corroded Brass Pumps

Nicholas Kirkwood reins from the other side of the pond. And while England isn’t really that far away, his shoes, on the other hand, are from another world entirely. For those of you who find yourselves unfamiliar with the name Nicholas Kirkwood and the shoes that accompany the name, all you need to know is that he’s 28, ruggedly handsome, from London, and a shoe designer who is known to have collaborated with designers such as Chloé, Rodarte and Phillip Lim, and is now the creative director for accessories at Pollini. (And if you’re dying to learn more look no further.)

But as much as I just want to love him and his shoes, I can’t compromise my standards. And I hope NK will still love me. But really? Today seems to be the day of bad shoe picks from yours truly, and I’m sorry about that, but this shoe is just plainly from another stratosphere. It’s the shoe that Susan Sarandon should have worn at the end of Enchanted. It’s frightening. It’s gruesome. It’s TOO PAINFUL TO LOOK AT. And on top of that, I would not at all feel safe in a pair like these. They look perilous, trecherous, and just flat out dangerous. So run as fast as you can in the opposite direction, and preferably in a pair of running sneakers.


2 thoughts on “Nicholas Kirkwood – Rodarte Corroded Brass Pumps

  1. I’m sorry, but some shoes aren’t meant to be judged on whether or not they are beautiful to wear in YOUR life. But this shoe is phenomenal. Would I wear it? No. Would you wear it? Probably not. But this is definitely a shoe you would see on the runway or on some daring celebrity or model. It is actually art rather than something conventional. You tend to give your positive comments (which seem far and few in between) to shoes that are so typical: black booties, a nude wedge. If you are really appreciating a shoe, take yourself out of the equation. Just because you don’t wear it doesn’t mean it’s not fabulous and a work of pure creativity and genius.

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