Tracy Reese – Eyelet Sandals

I know, I know, another pair of summer shoes. I’m taunting all of you. But I am not without reason (or without longing). It rained today. Forget that. Rain would not have been bad. It poured today. I almost started building an arc and gathering two of each animal. Naturally I found myself longing for the days of summer and open-toed shoes and sand and warmth and dryness. And my girl Tracy Reese provided me with the best fix for my craving.

This eyelet sandal is stupendous. I need to start thinking of new words the describe good shoes. But I really do like this shoes, despite the fact that I seem to have started to sound like a broken record. I particularly like the colors. They seem to be capable of matching anything, which is a great aspect to any shoe. They also have an itsy bitsy heel, so walking is something you most certainly will be able to do while sporting these bad boys. So basically, I’m a fan. Are you?

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